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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Many times people hire me because they want me to take them to a place they would not go on their own in regards to a physical push (and I am always happy to be of service).  Sometimes clients will say they are active and they don't understand why they are not seeing the benefits of physical fitness filter into their life.  The truth is, although activities such as walking and biking are great, you really need the heart pumping to get some good benefits such as better heart health, weight management and keeping health risks at bay.  It is recommended that we get 30 minutes of exercise per day and some of this needs to be heart pumping and sweat dripping.  Think about the last time your were dripping in sweat.....if you can't remember you may want to consider getting serious about moving.  Now this blog is not really a platform to promote my business but joining some kind of program is a great way to have the fitness pre-scheduled into your calendar, just like you would a business meeting, a dentist appointment etc.  One of the problem's with our North American health problem is that people fit exercise in when they have time and for many that is NEVER or at least not consistent.  It is really important for our longevity so I will give you some tips to incorporate into your weeks ahead.

  1. Start a walking or running group at your office. Get out for 30 minutes, have a small light snack 30 minutes before lunch then eat your lunch after the fitness.
  2. Instead of making social time with friends about eating or drinking, make it about fitness "Hey, let's hit a hot yoga class, then go for some tea after".
  3. At any time in your day, if you see stairs or any incline walk them.....yes, just for fun.
  4. Make family time active, get the bikes out, go to the basketball court and shoot and run with your little ones, they will love it!!
  5. Dates can be active, go for a hike or a kayak, both are very romantic!

Glows are good and you don't always have to drip, but 3 times a week make sure you get a good drip on!

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