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Sunday, 20 March 2011


So we have been planning our Body Exchange Women's Health Retreat for almost 6 months and we are now 6 weeks away!  I am heading down to the Mayan Riviera on April 29th and my group will follow on April 30th for an extremely rare opportunity to focus on yourself with no distractions.  This is one of the world's most beautiful corners and is an amazing place to unplug and focus 100% on you.  The retreat end of my business was designed because I was often hearing from people that they feel like they are starting all over again when they return from a vacation (I am sure we can all relate to this).  Imagine visiting paradise and coming home feeling so empowered, healthy, fit and on track!  But the best part is, we still have room!  Join us, we have 10 ladies heading down, are you lucky number 11, 12 or ?
Included:  Air Flights, Transfers, Accommodation a stones throw from the ocean, Healthy Mediterranean Style Meals / non-alcoholic drinks, Fit Camps every morning, Yoga at every sunset, 2 spa services, a evening of private Salsa Dancing Lessons and a special Mayan-Shaman Spiritual Ceremony private to our group.  Additionally, there will be snorkeling and kayaking.  For more information contact me at louise@bodyexchange.ca
See the beautiful Hemmingway Eco Resort below:

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