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Monday, 28 March 2011


WOW, I guess we really have come along way!  I came across this old Lane Bryant Ad, it is truly amazing how far we have come.  No wonder people grew up with a complex about their bodies. Hey Chubbies, shop here!  Sounds really inspiring and inviting.  Doesn't really give the message of Celebrate your Curves! So glad times are changing.  And Change they have; check out the latest link for Lane Bryant below!

The Cacique lingerie ad that ABC and FOX did not want their viewers to see, this commercial was banned from these networks until such controversy overtook and they allowed it to run during specific shows only.
So over decades we have gone from Chubbies to way to Sexy and even racy (I like it)!  Interesting, check out the link:  Too Sexy for TV - Lane Bryant

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  1. Way, way, way back when I remember having to buy "chubby" size pants and just sobbing my eyes out and my poor Mom trying to console me ....