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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So when it comes to the overweight population we are usually bombarded with weight loss tactics everyday.  To name a few: cabbage soup, boxed foods, calorie restrictions, vitamin shots and more extreme, sometimes surgeries.  I receive e-mails all the time from the latest scheme that wants to align with my business to partner up and "help people". What they don't understand is The Body Exchange is not a weight loss program, although many just assume that we are since we work with overweight people. We are actually a fitness and lifestyle program.  We are a company that strives to provide a fitness community that promotes wellness at any size and if you lose some weight along the way and that makes you feel good, then BONUS!

Who we do align with are other professionals who provide expertise to contribute to all the pieces of the puzzle.  Many people are using food as a tool for coping, if you are familiar with the new show HEAVY on A&E almost all of the people on that show have had a traumatic event occur in their life, hence their morbid obesity. They go to the program to learn life skills as well as fitness and healthy eating primarily because it has become a serious health risk and they must lose weight.  Many times the show follows young people in their prime so the outcome after 6 months is fantastic because they have gained control of their lifestyle and in turn their weight and almost all of them say "they have their life back".  Great show...http://www.aetv.com/heavy/

At The Body Exchange we offer the fitness and can show you the healthy eating but if you are interested in digging deeper and examining your relationship with food and exploring "conscious eating" and the correlation between food and your emotions we invite you to attend our Emotional Eating Introduction Lecture with Heather Bach, MA, CCC.  Heather specializes in Emotional Eating and has been practicing for over 17 years with offices in Vancouver and North Vancouver.

If you desire weight loss and have attempted many times only to fail chances are it is more than calories in and calories out. Our previous lectures have been a huge success with many of our clients, the feedback has been that they gained life changing tools to move forward.

Weight loss does contribute to better health, it's not just about looking hot on the dance floor.  My stand on the subject has always been follow a healthy lifestyle first and the rest will follow.

Saturday, April 16th @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm in West Vancouver $55.00 (includes HST).  To register contact Louise Green:  info@bodyexchange.ca

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