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Thursday, 24 March 2011


Guest Post by Claire Dumican: Butterfly Collection Lingerie
The place for Canadian women to find beautiful bras in E cup and up!

Positive body image goes a long way to living a very happy life. Being proud of your physical and emotional self allows you to forge the professional and personal relationships you want and deserve. It also frees you from the wasted mental energy spent on wishing you were ‘different’.

Women who appear to have ‘perfect’ bodies may in actual fact have very poor body image, so it’s nothing to do with physicality. Positive body image in fact stems from your self-esteem. A positive body image allows you to look at yourself completely naked in the mirror and see your body as a beautiful vessel for your spirit, personality, knowledge and soul.

Every inch of your body is unique and is made up of more than your flesh. Your eyes, hair, smile even your posture all contribute to your physical presence.  Your confidence radiates out in more ways than a dress size.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important for confidence no matter what size you are. Being thin doesn't necessarily mean you`re healthy and being plus sized doesn't necessarily mean you`re unhealthy.  If you have a bigger chest however, you must support your boobs when working out.  Breasts don't have any muscle in them, they are held in place by two things, ligaments and skin. The ligaments (technical name Coopers Ligaments) stretch and contract to accommodate your movements. Your skin also stretches to allow for the force and impact of your movements. Unlike muscles, there is little you can do to alter your ligament and skin elasticity and strength. The evolution of our breasts is mostly dictated by genes.

When you workout your boobs are moving more and greater distances than when you're doing everyday activities. During this time you need to protect your ligaments and skin from getting over-stretched. If you stretch them too far, they can't bounce back as effectively and this causes sagging. So to minimize the stretch factor you need to wear a sports bra that is designed to absorb the impact and protect your breasts.  CHECK THE FULL BUTTERFLY COLLECTION SITE HERE.

Supporting your boobs during your workout will allow you to achieve more and hurt less!

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