What is a Body Exchange? An awakening within that drives you to be the BEST you can be, physically and emtionally. Courage does not come with the absense of fear but rather the ability to achieve your goals regardless.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What is a "Body Exchange" Anyway?

The word on the street amongst larger women is that we are tired of the unrealistic images we see in the media of stick women who look like young boys when we know the average North American woman is a size 12.  Recently, we did an emotional eating Lecture with Heather Bach, MA, CCC, and in her talk she mentioned a surprising stat that 83% of women sometime in their life have practiced "Emotional Eating".  I often see women come to our program with low self esteem and overtime see them change completely through a "Body Exchange".  This does not mean trade your overweight self in for a new and improved thinner you.  What this means is to have an awakening within, to lose limited thinking, to get physically strong and to carry yourself with the utmost confidence through all areas of your life.  You may be thinking, can fitness really do that?  The answer is "YES", I see it happen all the time.  Fitness is a natural mood adjuster, which I use to my advantage all the time!  But more importantly, going to a place where you truly belong and fit, where everyone around you is rallying for your success, where you are amongst strong women with a common bond, this is just pure magic.

It is an awakening within ones self - A "Body Exchange"

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