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Saturday, 19 March 2011


The beautiful lady working the stair case in my header picture is one of our dedicated Burnaby members, Kristina Hoiles.  This women is on a serious mission, by that I mean, she is doing all angles of the deal to make sure her lifestyle changes and sticks.  She comes to our program regularly, she has connected with the other women in our Burnaby group and now takes part in additional activities with her new circle of friends. She attends health related educational workshops and has created an amazing blog to share her journey / mission.  All of the above creates accountability and I have found the entries in her blog to be some of the most honest writing I have ever read.  It is all part of her journey and it is working for her.  To read more about Kristina's "evolution" please visit her blog, it is truly inspiring.  Kristina's Blog of Evolutions

The changes in Kristina have been amazing so I recently asked her:  How did you get on track and start to get consistent with a healthier lifestyle?

Basically i think I am still a work in progress re: being consistent
But one of the biggest realizations/changes I think I have made is to NOT QUIT if i have a bad day food wise or if I miss a work-out or something. 
I go back the next time, or try to make the next meal/choice better. 
Before, I was very much stuck in an "all or nothing" mentality... which means as soon as I fell off the wagon of a diet I would throw in the towel. 
Or as soon as I came up against something physically that caused me pain or I wasn't good at, I would just give up. 
In some ways, it is also about surrendering to the fact that on this journey to better health, I am not going to be "perfect" 
And so if I mess up, I just try to do better the next time. 

Also, this second time around at bootcamp - I consciously reached out for more support, both from my own circle of friends & family, and from the other ladies at bootcamp. 
I made an effort to overcome my own initial shyness (and mortification that i was so out of shape) and really tried to get to know the ladies of the Burnaby group on a personal level. , They really are so awesome and encouraging, and hearing their stories and how far they have come on their own journey's is really inspiring. 
It really does help motivate me to know I am going to be surrounded by them - and more than once this has been the main thing that gets me off the couch and out the door.  


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